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Elmer_U will be back in session this soon. The Montgomery Amateur Radio Club’s (MARC) mentoring program, Elmer_U, will be discussing, observing, and participating in HF operations. This is an open forum, and we will entertain a variety of Ham Radio topics. Our main focus will be on SSB contesting operations, to help us prepare for the upcoming ARRL Field Day in June.

The time and date are: 11:00 a.m., Sat. 3 June, 2017. We will be participating in the Alabama QSO Party as a means for sharpening our operating and logging skills.

Experienced and new operators are encouraged to stop by and get some practice. The session will last as long as we have interested operators.

We will meet in the MARC radio room, in the American Red Cross building on Woods Crossing Dr.; just off Carmichael Rd. If interested, email me at: . Entry to the building will be via the first, small, door you come to, on the left side of the building (as you face it). We will not be using the right or left front doors.

Rik Doll, KU4PY

MARC, Elmer_U