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Awards Dinner


Annual MARC Holiday and Awards Banquet
December 18, 2017

President Tommy Martin, KK4TDP, welcomed the group to Sweet Baby Jane’s restaurant at 6:00PM for the annual MARC holiday and awards dinner. Forty MARC hams and family members were present. Upon entry, each attendee was given a ticket for the prize/gift drawing. An excellent buffet repast followed.

After supper, Tommy began the evening’s festivities by announcing MARC awards for 2017. They were as follows:

  Ham-of-the-Year El Erby K4DJL
  Presidential Award Fred Beatty K8AJX
  W4CNQ Elmer Rik Doll KU4PY
  W4IK Public Service Lew Nyman K1AZE

There was no Whoops! Award for 2017. Hugh, K0AUE, took pictures of the attendees and awards presentations for posting on the MARC website.

Tommy then moved on to the evening’s raffle. Tickets were drawn and all present won a neat prize.

Festivities completed, the group adjourned at 7:35 PM. Fun was had by all. Special thanks to Tommy for a great evening.

Respectfully submitted,
Fred Beatty, K8AJX